Shampoo & Body Wash + Conditioner + Matte Rock


Tea tree shampoo & body wash – Invigorating shampoo & body wash that gives your hair that pre workout kick! Such a fresh scent and feeling. Gains Conditioner – Gains for your hair with this superb volumising conditioner. Matte Rock – Designed to be as tough as you are. A small amount of this clay goes a long way!



Based on a pre work out supplement which gives you a buzz when shampooing your hair. Infused with organically grown Tea Tree oil and Eucalyptus oil this will leave you feeling energised and ready to take on the world.

Our volumising conditioner will enhance your hairs volume, body and texture by providing it with everything it needs. A light weight conditioner with big gains.

Butter, Coconut, Aloe, Alba
All ingredients designed for strengthening and recovery of your hair. Regular use will provide greater elasticity and strength leaving your hair feeling amazing!

Directions of use – tea tree shampoo & body wash:

Apply one to two pumps, depending on hair length, to wet hair. Work it from roots through mid lengths to ends creating a lather. Massage into scalp for an instant wake up. Leave in hair whilst using as a body wash to intensify the sensation, taking care of sensitive areas when applying to your body. Rinse thoroughly and for best results use fithair BCAA Hair Repair Treatment and fithair Gains Conditioner.

Directions for use – Gains Conditioner:

After using fithair Pre Wake Up or fithair BCAA Hair Repair Treatment apply two pumps from roots through to ends and leave in for up to 5 minutes for bigger gains. Rinse thoroughly and for best results and apply fithair Protein Spray for total protection.

Directions for use- matte rock:

Scoop a fingertip amount of product and rub between palms of hands, to warm the product. Apply to damp or dry hair and style. Dry hair styling will give you a stronger hold.